What can you expect?

Many people feel they do not have the time when they visit their doctor to have a full review of their complaint. This is not so when you come to see a homeopath. Because homepathy treats you holistically we like to build up a picture of your past and present health, as this guides us into choosing the right homeopathic remedy for you.

As a result of this process you can expect your first consultation with me to last up to an hour and a half. Further consultations, or follow-ups, usually take between 45 minutes and an hour.

It is useful to me to have a basic knowlege of your medical history and to know any medication that you are presently taking.

The homeopathic consultation gives you time to think, talk and space to breathe. Many people who see me say they benefit a great deal just by being able to talk about their issue thoroughly (and this is before they have added the benefits of taking their remedy!).

I am aware that these are tough times financially and that we don't have bottom-less wallets. Because of this during your first consultation we will discuss your future sessions and the number it could take to resolve your issue. I also have details of ways you can budget and fund your treatment. The first consultation at my Southampton practice is £55 and further follow-ups £40. If you would prefer to see me at Winchester the charge is £75 for a first appointment and £65 for subsequent follow-ups.