Homeopathy in Southampton and Winchester

My name is Annemarie Austin and I am a fully qualified Homeopath. If you are looking for a Homeopath you probably are looking into ways in which you can take control of your health naturally. Homeopathy does just that, it allows you to deal with health issues with a natural, gentle approach which millions of people world wide choose as an alternative to conventional medicine.

Homeopathy treats the person, there is evidence to suggest it can help a person manage the symptoms of acute fevers, sore throats, toothache and ear infections to chronic illnesses such as arthritis, eczema, asthma, anxiety, IBS, panic attacks, migraines and insomnia. By treating you as an individual I can cover both the emotional and physical areas of health.

Please call for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation which will allow me to discuss with you the benefits of Homeopathy and how it can help you with your health issue.

I can be found locally to Southampton as I run my practice from Bitterne, and you can also come and see me in Winchester where I run a clinic on a Monday. They are within easy reach of Bitterne Station and bus links and Winchester city centre and train station. I am also available for home visits.